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  1. Sponsor fee will be $100.00 per team.  This must be paid by April 10th.
  2. Each player must have a yearly pass or punch card.
  3. Each player must have a MTS handicap. ($20.00 fee)
  4. The nightly fee for league will be $5.00
  5. Each player must register and pay fees in the pro shop before play begins.


  1. A team will maintain their spot in league if they sign up by submitting their roster and sponsor fee by April 10th.
  2. New teams will be accepted on the first come, first serve basis.
  3. A team may list up to 6 players on their roster, but only 4 will play each night.


  1. A player will receive 6 points for a forfeit, plus 2 additional points for a net 35 or below round.
  2. Subs must register in the pro shop and pay the $5.00 nightly fee.
  3. The pro shop will have a sub list that people may add their names to be called by teams needing subs.  If a sub is still not available you may call the pro shop and they will help you find one.


  1. Each match will be worth 10 points.  1 point per hole and 1 point for total net score.
  2. A forfeit is worth 6 points, plus 2 more points for a net 35 or better.
  3. Each point earned by the team will be tallied towards the 1st and 2nd half totals to determine the playoff teams.

Team Suspended – Forfeits

  1. A team will be allowed a limited number of forfeits before they will be suspended for the league.  If a team accumulates 4 forfeits, they will be given a warning.  After a total of 6 forfeits, the team will be suspended for the league and their spot will be given to the next team on the waiting list.  The total points of the suspended team will be transferred to the new team.  If no team is on the waiting list it will become a bye week for the team and they will receive 24 points for that week.
  2. Any team that does not have a representative at the mandatory captains meeting will forfeit their points for the first week of league.

The Golf Professional and Staff Duties

  1. Make sure that the course is clear for the shotgun start.
  2. Collect all fees. (Sponsor, handicap, membership, and nightly fees.)
  3. Enforce the league rules.
  4. Collect all scorecards and tally sheets.
  5. Post team standings.
  6. Set up yearly schedules and playoff schedules.
  7. Provide nightly drink tickets.
  8. Distribute prizes and breakdown of winners at years end.
  9. Marshall the league when necessary.
  10. Close down the league side at 3:30.  League players can play all the golf they want at that time on the league side.  After 3:30 no league players will be allowed on the off side.  Any players that play on the off side will be deducted up to 4 points off their league points for that night.


  1. The golf professional and his staff will make the decision on the cancellation due to weather conditions.  This decision will be made at 5:00 on the night of league.  If conditions are extremely bad league will be cancelled before that time and KSEN will be notified.  If a lightning storm hits the players may be pulled of the golf course.  This will be identified by 3 short blasts of the horn.
  2. If league is cancelled, the match WILL NOT BE MADE UP.  The league will continue on the regular schedule next week.
  3. If league is started on a night and cancelled due to weather, the $5 nightly fee will be carried over to next week and the prizes will be doubled.  NO REFUNDS.

General Rules of Play

  1. In the event that a team does not have 4 players at the time play is to begin, the players present will be ranked accordingly:  the lowest handicap will be ranked #1, the second lowest will be ranked #2, etc.  If a player arrives late he will fill the highest seed position available.  If the player is late for a match he automatically loses the holes he has missed and the point for the low net.
  2. The golf professional may assign handicaps to players that do not have established handicaps.
  3. Regular league season will begin April 19th and 22nd and run for 17 weeks.  The playoffs will follow for the next two weeks.  The playoff schedule will be posted on the league schedules.
  4. Players over the age of 65 with a handicap of 25 or higher will have the option on holes #2 and #7 to tee off from the Gold tees across the water on #7 and closer to the hazard on #2. Players must meet both conditions of the age and handicap.


  1. The top eight teams of each night will qualify for the main playoffs to determine the league champions.
  2. The remaining teams will be in the consolation playoffs.
  3. The season will be split in half.  Points will be awarded for the top 10 teams in each half.  The points will be awarded as such:
1st place – 11 points 2nd place – 9 points
3rd place – 8 points 4th place – 7 points
5th place – 6 points 6th place – 5 points
7th place – 4 points 8th place – 3 points
9th place – 2 points 10th place – 1 point
  1. If there is a tie in the playoffs there will be a standing playoff.  The total of the last week of each half will break the ties.
  2. Playoffs are single elimination.
  3. A maximum of two subs will be allowed for the playoffs.  They must have established HDCP’S.
  4. The championship match will be 18 holes on a Saturday morning in September.
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